Blended Learning

Instructional Design Phase

From the initial Analysis phase of the ADDIE model, we’ll get to work in devising the instructional design specifications. In this critical phase, we formulate the best instructional interventions, which make the learning experience and acquisition of knowledge & skills most efficient, effective, and appealing to the learners.  The key output of this phase is the instructional design specifications document.

ADDIE - Design

Deliverables We Offer:

1. Instructional Design Specifications

The instructional design specifications document is a detailed blueprint of the learning program. It contains the structure and content sequence of the course, learning objectives, the topics covered, the instructional strategy, the learning activities, the assessment activity as well as the resources required.

2. Communication Plan

With every change that is implemented within an organization, this change must be communicated clearly and persuasively, or it may not be as well adopted by the stakeholders impacted by it. During this phase, it is recommended to begin considering the development of a Communication Plan.  To communicate effectively, careful planning must be set forth to address what to say to whom, when and how. A communication plan should accompany any change within an organization. Key considerations include:

  • Provide the reason(s) for the change, the vision of the desired future state, and expected benefits.
  • Inform stakeholders impacted, how the change will take place, when and what they can expect.
  • Explain how the change will affect them personally (“What’s in it for me?”)