Blended Learning

Implementation Phase

Once the learning program in place, we can then progress to the Implementation phase, which typically involves a Pilot session to test drive the learning program and make any modifications required prior to training roll-out.

Whether within a face-to-face environment or via a virtual platform, we have experienced instructors ready to delivery great training for your learners. Our trainers can adapt to the specific delivery modality and apply appropriate adult learning principles to ensure participants are engaged in their learning.

ADDIE - Implement

Deliverables We Offer:

1.  Pilot Session Delivery

The purpose of the Pilot session is to test drive the learning program and ensure that the structure and flow of course, instructional methods, learning materials, learning activities, and so forth are appropriate and run smoothly to ensure a positive learner experience. An instructor and a facilitator will co-deliver this session to ensure that feedback from participants is collected and consolidated. From this invaluable input, adjustments are made as required.

2.  Train-the-Trainer Sessions (TTT)

These TTT sessions teach the selected trainers the curriculum of the learning program. These sessions also discuss the business context, course construct a well as adult learning concepts (as required). These TTT sessions typically include Teach-Back sessions to ensure understanding of materials and adequate proficiency in content delivery.

3.  Instructor-Led Delivery

These live workshops group a maximum of 8-12 participants. The purpose of these instructor-led sessions is to give the participants a dynamic and engaging learning experience within a social context to ensure mastery of tasks required to be successfully performed within the software system.

4.  Synchronous Online Delivery

Mediated via an online collaborative platform, these learning sessions are conducted online with a small to mid-sized group of participants. These virtual sessions can be used for transfer of knowledge, validation of understanding, coaching sessions, review sessions or even actual training delivery. These sessions can be recorded to be used as future reference.

5.  Online Q&A Sessions

Mediated via an online collaborative platform, these brief review sessions are conducted online with participants who have gone through the initial training program. These Q&A sessions allow for the learning process to continue and give an opportunity to participants to ask any questions to SMEs or share any concerns and insights. These sessions are offered at a certain predetermined frequency within a specific time frame after the training has been deployed. They serve as a forum to discuss any issues or roadblocks encountered, any aspects that need reviewing, any system enhancements that have been made since deployment as well as any quick wins to share.  These findings can then be re-purposed into a Q&A document to be shared with the rest of the learner community.