Blended Learning

Training Needs Analysis Phase

The initial phase of the ADDIE model pertains to the analysis phase, which identifies the organizational goals,  business needs, stakeholders as well as the learning opportunity to meet the future desired state, should training indeed be the appropriate solution to bridge the gap in question.

ADDIE - Analyze

Deliverables Offered:

1. Training Needs Assessment

This assessment looks at the stakeholders impacted by the change, their level of competency, task analysis, thorough walk through of the IT solution to deploy if applicable, possibly an environmental scan, cross-functional analysis, extant data analysis, gap analysis as well as cost/resource/time analysis.

2. Surveys

A survey can be a very useful and cost effective tool to quickly gather information, insights and opinions about what people do or think about something. Data gathered from surveys can aid in myriad aspects of the training approach such as what content to focus on, what modalities are preferred, and so forth. We can build a survey and then compile and assess the results to then offer recommendations.