Blended Learning

Our Training Services

Our training services touch on all the core phases of any training initiative and closely follows the ADDIE model.


First, we’ll conduct a thorough front end analysis regarding your business goals, training requirements, situational gap, stakeholders involved, as well as budget, resource and time realities, and then propose a training strategy that best suits your needs.

From this, we’ll get to work in devising the instructional design specifications and possibly a communication plan to support the initiative. Next, we’ll develop related learning materials for the elected learning solution. Once we’ve ensured that the learning materials and training delivery are piloted and calibrated based on feedback, we’ll be there to either deliver or support your end-user training roll-out to its successful completion. And finally, after the learning program deployed, we’ll help evaluate your learners’ understanding and level of proficiency of the new competencies to find out if there are any gaps that need to be addressed.