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Molt” may seem like an odd choice of word to use as our Branding! It’s not very sexy or glamorous – did ‘snake’ or ‘lobster’ come to mind? Indeed, in the natural world, the process involves shedding of one’ skin as they grow larger in size. That said, upon reflection, we felt that this term was in fact a perfect analogy to depict the process of learning! That is, the ongoing quest to grow into bigger, stronger and better – with, on occasion, a little effort along the way.

In the world of business, change is an inevitable fact of life and it is picking up speed. Workers need to adapt quickly, stay on point with their rapid changing landscape. New technologies are always being introduced; business processes revised; products are perpetually being enhanced to stay competitive; new industry trends and knowledge always challenging current paradigms…

We as workers in today’s fast pace market, are inevitably faced with having to adapt and learn new ways of conducting our work and keep our skills sharpened. We are, in a way, having to perpetually go through the process of, well, molting… We as workers need to keep growing into better!

This is where Molt Training Services can help. We support customers in defining, developing and delivering effective training programs. We’ll closely work with your assigned team and SMEs to explore the best ‘mixology’ of learning components to build an appropriate training strategy to meet your specific needs. Whether it involves eLearning, instructor-led classroom delivery or online, pre and post training assessments, on-the-job aids, or training your trainers – we’ll be happy to partner with you every step of the way to ensure your training initiatives roll out successfully!


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